State Sports Medicine Centre of Latvia

State Sports Medicine Center (VSMC) provides care of the physical health of the population, including athletes and children with increased physical activity; it co-ordinates activities in the field of physical health; carries out anti-doping activities, doping control and medical rehabilitation. The center collects and analyzes data on the physical fitness of the population (especially children and adolescents), carries out education and research work in sports medicine and physical health of the population, educates sports doctors.
Valsts sporta medicīnas centrs nodrošina iedzīvotāju, tai skaitā sportistu un bērnu ar paaugstinātu fizisko slodzi, fiziskās veselības aprūpi, koordinē fiziskās veselības aprūpes pasākumus, veic antidopinga pasākumus, dopinga kontroles, kā arī medicīnisko rehabilitāciju. Centrs apkopo un analizē datus par iedzīvotāju (īpaši bērnu un pusaudžu) fizisko attīstību un sagatavotību, veic izglītības un zinātnisko darbu sporta medicīnā un iedzīvotāju fiziskās veselības aprūpē, sagatavo sporta ārstus.

Based upon requirements of World Anti-doping Code and Antidoping Convention of Council of Europe, Cabinet of Ministers at 19th October 2011 has approved Regulations of Doping Control.

According to these regulations and Law on Sport, antidoping activities in Latvia are carried out by Ministry of Health and its State Sports Medicine Centre.

In order to coordinate antidoping program, Ministry of Health has established decision making body - Antidoping Committee, members of which are representatives of state institutions and sports organizations. 

In order to implement antidoping program and perform decisions of Antidoping Committee, in March 2003, the Antidoping Department at State Sports Medicine Centre has been established.

Atbilstoši Pasaules Antidopinga kodeksa un Eiropas Padomes Antidopinga konvencijas prasībām, Ministru kabinets 2011.gada 19.oktobrī apstiprināja noteikumus Nr.820 "Dopinga kontroles kārtību".
Pamatojoties uz šo noteikumu un Sporta likuma prasībām dopinga kontroles Latvijā veic Valsts sporta medicīnas centrs.
Lai koordinētu antidopinga programmu, Veselības ministrija ir izveidojusi lēmumu pieņemšanas institūcija - Antidopinga komiteja, kuras locekļi ir valsts institūciju pārstāvji un sporta organizācijām.
Lai īstenotu Antidopinga komitejas lēmumu izpildi, 2003. gada martā Valsts sporta medicīnas centrā tika izveidota Antidopinga nodaļa.

Latvian ambassadors:
Elina Kire                             Alekss Ūpis
Ulrika Malta                          Artūrs Cīrulis
Lasma Bitjukova                  Laura Keistere
Liene Prikaza                       Elizabete Deičmane
Līva Muižniece                    Oskars Štāls

Dace Buža                           Sabīne Damane
Ilze  Dančonoka                   Anna Gruzinska
Edgars Matuks                    Reinis Nolendorfs
Emīls  Pavlovs                    Eva Pavlovska
Vazgens Sorokins               Annija  Videniece

 Prevention and awareness-raising programs will be prepared and implemented for different target groups on grassroots level of sport:
- Primary and secondary schools students
- Participants at school sport competitions
- Members of junior teams in sport clubs or federations
- Participants in mass (recreational) sport events
- Teachers, parents, coaches, …
- Sport and general public

Following the footsteps of 17 South American countries, which, in cooperation with WADA and based on the Montevideo Declaration, declared 10th of April as "Play True Day”, all project partners (except iNADO) carried out numerous doping prevention activities on this day and in the week befor and after 10th of April 2016.. Prevention activities were implemented as part of different sport competitions or other events for youth and in close cooperation with community and sport organizations on local and regional level.
The purpose was to acquaint sport and public with global fight against doping.

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

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