Maltese Olympic Committee - MOC

The Maltese Olympic Committee was established in 1928. It is the supreme and exclusive authority on matters relating to representation of Malta at the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, the Mediterranean Games, the Games of the Small States of Europe and other International Games, which fall under the jurisdiction of the MOC. Our main commitment is that of encouraging, promoting and funding Maltese athletes participation at these Games and through support programmes to improve their level of competitiveness.

One of the aims of the MOC in line with that of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is that of promoting and enhancing “and not trivialising” the Olympic ideas to achieve worldwide reaffirmation of ideals and values, which are reflected in the legacy of the Olympic Games.
The Maltese Olympic Committee is autonomous and resists all pressures of any kind whatsoever, whether political, religious, racial or economic.

Maltese ambassadors:
Lara Scerri
Joanna Camilleri 
Matthew Camilleri
Gerald Degaetano 
Stephen Formosa 
Caroline Fabri 
Quint-Danique Van Beek 
Andrew Joseph Farrugia 
Timothy Gingell 
Christina Borg Debono 


Prevention and awareness-raising programs will be prepared and implemented for different target groups on grassroots level of sport:
- Primary and secondary schools students
- Participants at school sport competitions
- Members of junior teams in sport clubs or federations
- Participants in mass (recreational) sport events
- Teachers, parents, coaches, …
- Sport and general public

Following the footsteps of 17 South American countries, which, in cooperation with WADA and based on the Montevideo Declaration, declared 10th of April as "Play True Day”, all project partners (except iNADO) carried out numerous doping prevention activities on this day and in the week befor and after 10th of April 2016.. Prevention activities were implemented as part of different sport competitions or other events for youth and in close cooperation with community and sport organizations on local and regional level.
The purpose was to acquaint sport and public with global fight against doping.

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."


Maltese Olympic Committee
National Swimming Pool Complex
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prePLAY coordinator:
dr. Lucienne Attard
Tel: +356 994 72 193