Ambassadors recruitment

In March and April 2015 each partner organization will recruit ambassadors in its own country through publication of positions taking into account local conditions.

Candidates for junior ambassadors have to meet the following criteria:
- Members of national sport federations or sport clubs (they are still active, to some extent, in sport);
- Aged between 18 and 22;
- Past or present athletes (they have a basic sport knowledge);
- Former athletes who are focusing on pedagogical or coaching work in their club or national sports federation;
- With excellent communication and presentation skills (they can easily connect with their peers and transfer the knowledge to them);
- With an understanding of management and teamwork (that they are able to organize some activities by themselves);
- Highly motivated and willing to work voluntarily. 

The recruitment of candidates will be conducted based on individual interviews with candidates, and their references. Ten ambassadors will to be selected in each organization for the purpose of project implementation.
After the recruitment, project partners (except iNADO) will organize an initial meeting and seminar for the ambassadors, where they will motivate and inspire ambassadors for their work and contribution further in the project and provide to them some basic information about national and world program, policies and rules of fight against doping. The initial meeting and seminar will be delivered with youth-friendly approach in methods to set the good introduction for the whole project.